• Category: General Intelligence
  • Progress: Alpha
  • Project Latest Release: MAGIST v0.1.0 AlphaBird
  • Project Repository: GitHub

Project Scope:

I am attempting to use a self-supervised, multi-agent approach to make an AI that can interpret sensor data, understand objects and features in the environment, and make intelligent conclusions. I am using a complex database-driven approach to remember and retrieve conclusions it previously made to predict in a different environment. It starts with no prior knowledge and has the ability to intelligently retrieve information from the Internet on demand. I am using Tensorflow and Python to make this.

Project Zeta

  • Category: Biomimetic Robotics
  • Progress: Beta
  • Project LTS Date: TBD
  • Project Repository: GitHub

Project Scope:

Project Zeta aims to develop a reliable platform to train and test generally intelligent algorithms. This is meant to be a robust, intelligent, remote controlled platform that can support a plethora of sensors, cameras, and modules. This will be the initial host of the M.A.G.I.S.T. Algorithm. I am using Python and ROS with an Arduino and Raspberry Pi.